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We will find the best job or the best university for you!

We work with you to obtain the visa you are seeking. Together, we will develop a strategy to help you achieve your goals in your studies or working life as quickly as possible.

If you dream of a future in Germany, then we should realise the dream together.
If we have aroused your interest, please feel free to take advantage of our free initial assessment!

Why many interested people never receive a visa or a job?

Most people think that they can get a study or work visa quickly and easily with information from the internet, but in most cases they are rejected by the authorities.

Fact 1

The interested parties have the dream and the goal, but too little information. The effort to obtain this knowledge is great, which discourages many.

Fact 2

Interested parties pay too little attention to the process and often do not realise the difficulties. Most of the time, it is also not clear to the interested party what options they actually have.

Fact 3

The interested parties do not meet the relevant requirements to start/begin a new life in Germany.


Professional help is needed for the various individual phases and difficulties that arise. The specialists at KindlyHelper are the right partners to help overcome these hurdles. Here, all possibilities and strategies are shown, which the interested party was not aware of until now. Together we develop an individual solution for you!

You will only receive a visa if...

“…you provide all the necessary documents.

“…can demonstrate the necessary financial resources.

“…be able to demonstrate the necessary financial means.

Why are our clients' results so good?

With us, you don’t get an off-the-peg discounter service, but an all-round carefree package!

Letter of application

Other competitors

Standardized application letter


One of the best individual application services in the German/English-speaking world


Choice of work/university


Analyzed selected universities and employers with a high chance of success for a commitment


other companies

Selection of university or employer without professional 360 degree analysis


360-degree analysis so that the wishes and the result fit

How you can work with us?

We receive a lot of requests. Therefore, you should follow the three steps below to realize your dreams together with us. This is how it works:

Step 1

Give us some information about yourself with the FREE INITIAL ASSESSMENT and book yourself a free initial consultation.

Step 2

Data analysis - During the initial interview, one of our specialists will make a detailed analysis with you in order to be able to exactly assess your chances for a future in Germany.

Step 3

If your chances are good, we will discuss the next steps with you and draw up a plan for the implementation phase for your individual path to Germany.

What happens in the Free Initial Assessment

We look at whether the chances of your dream to Germany are given and what you might still need.. We will create the first draft for your path abroad in order to achieve the best possible results.

This is how the preparation continues

Kick Off

We get to know you at the kick-off / initial meeting. Afterwards, we plan the next steps together.

Strategic plan

Afterwards, one of our experts will create a strategic plan on how we can realise your wishes and goals.

Implementation phase

Once you are 100% happy with the strategic plan, we will move into the implementation phase and work with you to implement the strategy.

Final phase

In this phase our expert is in close contact with you to ensure that you receive your status quo on a regular basis. We do our best to ensure that you receive your visa. Afterwards, we are there for you for the further steps after the visa.

Because we simply like to help!

Who are we?

Starting as a small start-up close to Frankfurt, we were quickly able to expand our service to various countries. Our secret: we deal with each person individually and thus develop an optimized strategy designed for each person.
Because let’s be honest, no one wants a standardized procedure that is not oriented to the customer. With this philosophy, we have been able to set ourselves apart from the typical agents and their procedures and thus develop into the most competent and kindly helpers.

Our Team

Philipp Sadlo

Founder & Managing Director

“A successful process must be built up strategically in terms of quality! But above all, it should deliver results! And how does one do that? This question (and any other question about the visa process and many other processes) can be answered by the Founder.
Philipp and his team take care that your wishes and your interests are realised.”

Team Customer-Care

Assistance / Services department

“Today, they are responsible not only for the smooth running of the individual strategic plans, but above all for ensuring that our strategic plans remain at the highest level in terms of content and expertise. In close cooperation, we work together on the goal so that you can realize your dream “

Team IT

technical department

The IT department mostly communicates within the company with the respective interfaces. In this way, IT mediates between the other departments to ensure the implementation of customer goals and promote the success of the company.

Where the team located?

Our headquarters are near Frankfurt. However, we have digitized our processes in such a way that we can handle our entire process by telephone and video conference. A face-to-face meeting on site is possible, but not necessary. This allows KindlyHelper to operate internationally

Free initial assessment

Hello, I am Can. I will help you fill in the initial assessment for your planned visa in a few minutes.
Thank you very much.
Now let's talk about your academic background.
Thank you! Another important piece of information for us to complete the initial assessment is to know what direction you want to go.
Great! We're almost there. Now we need to know if you can afford the trip to Germany. Please see our FAQ.
That's it for the initial assessment! You did a great job. But we would like to know how you found us.

KindlyHelper your partner for a new future. Your helpers from the first to the last step!